* Wikipedia entry for Blog.

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* What is Blogging?

click here to watch a short video on what a blog is.

* Letters to Parents

Bud the Teacher - this is a wiki resource that give examples of letters to parents concerning blogging.

* Blogging Policies

Bud the Teacher - this section of the offers examples of student created blogging policies.

*Student Policies

Click here for more example student blogging policies.

* Diigo Bookmarks

Click here to access Diigo bookmarks.

*Blogging Rubric

click here for a blogging rubric.

Blog Services

* Edublogs - create your own education blog for free.

*21 Classes - is a FREE educational blogging/virtual classroom resource.

* Blogger - create a free blog.


  • click here to read, "20 Simple Productivity Tools for Bloggers."


*What is a Blog?

* 25 Blogging Styles

* Project Blog

InfoWorld Article - Publishing a project Weblog

* 10 ways to use your edublog to teach

Click here to read this Edublog article.

How Tos

Best Practices

Click here to read "How can classroom communication and collaboration be enhanced with the usage of internet blogs?"

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