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Our new book is one being shared currently throughout the bloggosphere.....

So, let's shoot for the end of September for a possible discussion? Check out the discussion tab to add your input. :)

Click here to download the podcast of the virtual book club.

Thanks to all who participated in the Eduwiki Bookclub! Have you checked out Shelfari? If you have a shelf, feel free to leave your username below so we can connect.

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Book Review Sites

* -

is a free wiki project that gives summaries to an ever growing number of books.

* Princeton Public Library Wiki

is a free wiki that reviews a wide variety of books.


is an online bookshelf application to list books you've read and to share them with others.

Have a great book?

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* Diffusion of Innovations

Rogers, Everett

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give us some "talking points" about the book.

Rogers, Everett Diffusion of Innovations
A study of how people have succeeded and failed at getting people to change their minds. It describes factors that influence success, and provides warnings for where your "train came off the tracks" when project planning. Perfect for working with teachers/administrators trying to implement a new idea or project

SigTE Book Discussion

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