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This is an idea that is gaining more and more steam. Getting your kids faces and voices heard can be done many different ways with social media. The above example project is a great way to make things more real for your district.

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Community Newsletter and a massive technology awareness campaign.
I'm please with the progress that many of our teachers are making with integrating technology. I constantly hear teachers sharing what they learn with their friends and peers. In order to further raise expectations, I'm going to put a community newsletter with several free technologies each month with an additional awareness of our district private label wiki. Weekly vodcasts with additional links to how tos and more information will be created in order to further push community awareness. This will hopefully address some of the disconnect between parents, students, staff and community. I like the iCarly model. The show draws kids and then they can explore the site after they watch. Just need to make it entertaining! =) Nobody wants to listen to Ben Stein take roll! (Did you get it?)

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