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OpenCourseWare- The idea that content should be free has been around for a very long time. MIT started a project in 2002 in order to offer their online courses for free to the world. As of January this year, 1,800 of these courses have been available. Several educators are talking about creating this model for K-12.

  • click here to watch a short video 'What is OpenCourseWare?'.


OpenCourseWare Finder

click here to visit the OpenCourseWare Finder.

click here for a blog dedicated to the open education movement.

Khan Academy

Diigo Links

click here to visit OpenCourseWare tags on Diigo.

Existing Projects

*The Open University Project

click here to visit the UK based Open University Project.


Click here to visit the WikiMedia Foundations community resources for OpenCourseWare.

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* The Google Highly Open Participation Contest

Click here to visit Google's open source contest for high school students.

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* Highlights for Highschools

click here to visit MIT's new High School OpenCourseWare site.

AP Biology

click here to view these free materials.

AP Calculus

click here to view these free materials.

AP Physics

click here to view these free materials.

*click here for Berkely's offerings towards OpenCourseWare.

* Open Yale

click here to access Open Yale University.

* Connexion Courses

Click here to access the search engine for the wealth of courses already available.


Music Theory

click here to view these free materials.

Studies in Chemistry

click here to view these free materials.

Health Education

click here to view these free materials.

*Flat World Knowledge

click here to view the assortment of OpenCourseWare college textbooks.

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* The OCW Consortium -

This is a non-profit group dedicated to sharing course ware.

* OpenCourseWare Video

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* MIT OCW Website

This is the project that launched OpenCourseWare back in 2002. Much of this free content can now be accessed through the new iTunes U link in iTunes.

* MIT OCW Video

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* Curriki -

  • Click here to visit the Curriki site. The Global Education & Learning Community offers a large amount of OpenCourseWare and Free educational resources.

*Bering Strait School District is sharing curriculum via this OpenContent program.
  • click hereto see how Bering Strait is sharing content.

* iTunes U -

Click here to access iTunesU.  You will need iTunes installed on your computer. 

If you have iTunes (always free) downloaded to your computer, you can see the ever growing number of University donated resources by clicking on the iTunes store and then iTunes U. The content is free so feel free to look around.
Click here for K12 iTunes Resources.
Remember, podcasts can stream video, audio and PDF files so you can find a wide variety of resources from this link. Is iTunes K12 coming out soon? We can only speculate.

* K12 OCW -

K12EdCom offers several K12 OpenCourseWare online classes.

* Connexions -

Environment for collaboration and sharing education content.

OCW Articles

  • click here to read "Learn Programming Online, For Free: 75+ Open Courseware Collections from the Ivy League and Beyond"

OCW Resources

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* Scratch

Kid friendly programming language created by MIT. Students can create applications and games that can be shared on the web.

* Alice

This is a free 3D game creation program created by CMU.

* Free Online Ruby Programming Course offers a free, online Ruby programming course for one and all.

* Learning Interchange

Apple offers an ever growing library of content for educational use.

* Wikibooks

is an opencourseware project dedicated to create Open Source textbooks that can easily be shared and edited. You can click here to see a list of free books the site already offers!

* Gutenberg Project

is a project to offer copyright free e-books and audiobooks to the world for free.

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* Google Books

is a massive project dedicated to digitizing all of the text of the world. You can search for specific text inside of any text in this data base. Many pages to come up one at a time and Google Books does not currently offer audio books.


Another one of MB's crazy ideas!!! Instead of creating entire online courses, we should decide on a course or two that would use one of the opensource textbooks from wikibooks to start with. We should then create a course outline. This could be broken down by days or hours. This would allow many people to contribute one or two days worth of material. We could then add YouTube/TeacherTube videos, weblinks, webquests, etc... that go with each lesson.

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