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Kim Adair

Kim.jpgInstructional Technology Teacher (K-8), Philadelphia, PA
Wiki: Tech Talk
School Website: Ziegler School
Blog: Classroom Tech Tips
Twitter: keystone_kim
Skype: kimadair26
Email: kadair [at] phila.k12.pa.us
Keystone 2004

Cynthia Allison

external image cynallison-lg.jpgReading Specialist, Reynolds Middle School, Asheville, North Carolina
Blog: knittiewittie.blogspot.com
Wiki: allisonwonderland@wikispaces.com
Email: cynthia.allison [at] bcsemil.org

Scott Angstadt

DSC02587.JPGMusic Teacher at Clearview and Ramsey Elementary Schools in the Stroudsburg Area School District in Northeastern PA. I teach K-2 general music classes and I am the computer facilitator for Clearview Elementary.
My aspirations: to bring my students along with me into the 21 century.
Current Projects: Applied for the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program for the 2008 program. Applicants are notified of acceptance in late March. I also just started a Graduate certification program through EDTECH Leaders Online for certification in Educational Technology and Online Learning.
email: sangst [at] stroudsburg.k12.pa.us

Jan Abernethy

Jan07.jpg5th Grade Teacher at Greenville Area School District, Greenville, PA
Class Website: Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens
WIKI: Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens
Student Wikispaces: Cyber Chickens Wikispaces
Email: jabernethy [at] greenville.k12.pa.us
TWITTER: jabernethy
SKYPE: janabernethy


Sam Bidleman

Location: Bloomsburg High School 1200 Railroad Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Position: English and Journalism
Site: http://bloomsburgasd.schoolwires.com/62781251020111159/site/default.asp
Blog: Thinkquest.org
About You: 33 years, adviser (http://my.highschooljournalism.org/pa/bloomsburg/bhs/), NHS, Art/Lit mag, waiting for National Board results
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Karin Beil

Beil_desk.jpgLocation: Arlington Heights, IL
Position: Retired teacher and tech advocate
Site: http://www.ahsd25.k12.il.us/schools/ivy_hill/beil/index.html
Email: beil at mac.com
Twitter: beil

Jeremy Brown

jeremy.jpgLocation: Rockville, Maryland
Position: Special Education Teacher - Autism (kindergarten - grade 5)
Wiki: http://meadowhalles.wikispaces.com
Email: techieteacher [at] gmail.com

John Betcher

Location: North East, Pennsylvania
Position: Social Studies Teacher North East High School. 10th grade World Cultures and a course entitled Global Issues.
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/betchersworld/
Wiki: http://betcherworld.wikispaces.com
Email: jbetcher [at] nesd1.k12.pa.us
About: Teaching is my second career. I worked in manufacturing for 15 years before teaching. I love teaching and learning about other cultures. I am a basketball junkie, especially college basketball but I also love the DaBulls!

The Bonus Point Band

external image BPBlogo.jpgLocation: Birmingham, AL
Site: www.thebonuspointband.com
Email: thebonuspointband [at] gmail.com
Twitter: thebpb
About: EduPop music by the band with a brain.

Ana Balboa-Guenthner

malibu_3.jpgLocation: Southern California, USA
Position: President
Site: http://www.ethoslearn.com
Blog: http://ethoslearn.blogspot.com/
Email: anag [at] ethoslearn.com
Skype: anag006
SecondLife: Ingrid Hartmann

Paul Bogush

[[image:%2F9hAAAAGXRFWHRTb2Z0d2FyZQBBZG9iZSBJbWFnZVJlYWR5ccllPAAAAfpJREFUeNpi%2FP%2F%2FPwMlgBHZgMt1jB5Aqg6IjYH4LBA36Tb930GUAUDN3uySWluE9ZwZuGR1GL49vsLw9tJehp%2FPr4UCDVmDywAmJHa7oKY2A48UHwPT30dgWkjXgAHqIpyABYmtzsD1l4Hhxz24wH%2B2nxBxIg24%2BfD8ZV15dQkGDjYmhh%2B%2F%2FjE8vPmKgR0ojjcMLtXC2X4vvnNs%2FMPNz8DOy8vw8%2FNnBuavHxkkOX%2BEAuXWEOOCIxKcPzYx%2FPvhzvDxJdBihp8MnAw7gfQ%2BYrygC8S7fss4SfBrOzEIiMsxMP98z%2F7l1gG%2F9%2BfXXwXKeQLxBVyxwAPEW77Lu0kIGrkziEoKMHCxfWXg4GNnEDFxZxCzjZYAym8EqdP7saELiOXQXZD%2FRUhXjkdRi4Gf6ysDG%2BMvBsZ%2FjAznXnNCVAgYMXxQ%2Bil35faLTiDPCoiTgYbEXeII2AoLxPMflF0NZFTlGMREuBhYmCFJg2OmI4OcEDeKc%2B3UxBn4OFgZDt1%2ByXDl6YcOoFANCzie2f4zsDF8ZGD%2B%2B4OB4R9CQ4i1KtaAs9eVZWBhY6m4cP%2BNIsgF34BinOiKgM5k0JQWRBHTkhZi4GRnYTh3%2FzXDtSfvdgOFokEu4MIRQ2nXn75HEQDyS4GUIiiTAcOgCT0hEQRAV60GUtOBmuFpAyDAADksngZKKV2kAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC align="left" caption="Share"]]external image 2388852463_c747c543e2.jpg?v=0Location: Wallingford, CT USA
Position: 8th Grade Social Studies
Website: http://pbogush.edublogs.org
Blog: http://blogush.edublogs.org
Wiki: http:collaborationnation.wikispaces.com
Email: PBogush [at] wallingford.k12.ct.us
Skype: shaggyhill
Twitter: shaggyhill

Michael Baker

MBPic2.jpgSouth Side Area School District, Hookstown, PA
WIKI http://eduwiki.us
Webmaster: http://paect.org
Blog http://michaelbaker.edublogs.org/
SECOND LIFE cyber aero
TWITTER leahmayagrace
Diigo eduwikius
EMAIL mbaker [at] sssd.k12.pa.us

Jean-Claude Bradley

bradleypic.jpgTeacher at Drexel University Philadelphia PA
Classroom Blog Organic Chemistry I CHEM241
Other Blog Drexel CoAS eLearning Blog
Second Life Horace Moody
email: bradlejc [at] drexel.edu

Tavis Bogue

tb.jpgCornell School District Coraopolis, Pa
WIKI: http://cornellchem.wikispaces.com/
BLOG: EdTek.info
WEBSITE: EdTek Forum
WORK EMAIL: tbogue [at] cornell.k12.pa.us
HOME EMAIL: tavisbogue [at] hotmail.com
SKYPE: tavis.bogue
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Susan Bowler

Maths and Science Teacher at Ogilvie High School in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Email: eabanjb [at] yahoo.com
Wicki: Work in progress

Traci Blazosky

pic.jpg Clarion Area School District, Clarion, PA
WEBSITE: B-7 Bobcats
EMAIL: ktitraci [at] gmail.com
BLOG: B's Blog
TWITTER: kti_traci
SKYPE: kti_traci
GChat: ktitraci [at] gmail.com

Mary Bless

photo-1.jpeg Coordinator of Support Services at Miriam School in Webster Groves, MO. Miriam School is a small private school for students with learning disabilities. Part of my job is to oversee the technology in our school.
Website: www.miriamschool.org
wiki: http://**www.miriamteachers.pbworks.com**
Email: mbless.mail@miriamschool.org

Brenda Beiter

Brenda.jpgBusiness/Computer Teacher at Everett High School, Everett School District
Website: Everett High School
Email: bbeiter [at] everett.k12.pa.us
Skype: brendabeiter
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Jim Beeghley

100_0576.JPG IT Policy Specialist, Pennsylvania Dept of Education Bureau of Educational Technology
Adjunct Professor: Waynesburg University, Wilkes University
Blog: Teaching the Civil War with Technology
Misc: The Angel Teddy Bear Foundation
Email: jbeeghley{at}state.pa.us
Skype/Twitter/iChat: Fifer1863
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Kim Breuninger

Educator: at Chester County Intermediate Unit Downingtown PA
Blog: Student's First (under construction)
Wiki: For Kids Sake (under construction)
Second Life: Karen Orbit
Skype: kmbreu
Email: kimb [at] cciu.org
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Carol Broos

Carol_Linville_Broos.jpgMusic Teacher at Sunset Ridge School, Northfield, Illinois
Website: www.carolbroos.com
Teacher-friendly website: www.beatechie.com
Email: beatechie [at] gmail.com
Blog: carolbroos.learnerblogs.com
wiki: musictechie.pbwiki.com and srsconference.pbwiki.com
Twitter: musictechie
iChat: carolbroos [at] mac.com
click here to learn more about Carol.


Bryan Corcoran

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Position: Teacher
School: Morgandale Elementary
Blog: http://bryandadamaja.blogspot.com/
Email: corcoranb [at] sbcglobal.net
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Kim Chicchi

Location: South Allegheny High School
Position: CFF Coach
Wiki: chicchi.wikispaces.com
Email: kchicchi [at] southallegheny.org
Skype: cheech1977
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Mike Cichocki

Mr.JPGCarbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21 - Schnecksville, Pa
Technology Integration Specialist
Blog - http://cliuedtech.edublogs.org
Wiki - http://cliuedtech.wikispaces.com/
Twitter - mscichocki
Skype - mscichocki24
Website - http://www.cliu.org/edtech/edtech.aspx
E-Mail - cichockim [at] cliu.org
2005 Keystone
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Chris Champion

ChampKTI.jpgCumberland-Perry Area Vocational Technical School, Mechanicsburg, PA
WIKI: http://CoolMacTips.com/
WEBSITE: http://www.cchampion.net
BLOG: http://SparksOfHope.org/
TWITTER/SKYPE: chrischampion
EMAIL chris [at] cchampion.net
Student Podcast: http://teencomputernews.com/
click here to learn more about Chris.

Adam Controy

IMG_0397.JPG Central Bucks School District, Doylestown, PA
EMAIL: acontroy [at] cbsd.org
TWITTER: damopsu
SKYPE: kti.adam.controy
GChat: acontroy [at] gmail.com
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Colleen Coffey

ColleenCoffey.JPGUniversity Spanish Instructor, Marquette University
Skype: coffeyc
Email: colleen.coffey [at] mu.edu
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Jenifer Van Deusen

Location: Maine
Position: currently Curriculum Coordinator in Kittery - soon to be Curriculum/ Accreditation Specialist, Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency
Site: www.myspace/whitestwave
Blog: www.notanotherbrick-kittery.blogspot.com
Email: whitestwave [at] gmail.com
Skype: whitestwave
Twitter: Jen Van Deusen
Second Life: Sandia Brautigan
About You: Long time learner & teacher
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Eric Demeter

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Position: Educational Technologist
School: Clark School Grades K-8
Email: ericd2day [at] yahoo.com
About: I want to learn as much as I can about using technology to help my students learn.
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Jennifer Dorman

PICT6423-1.JPG Staff Development Facilitator for the Central Bucks School District in Doylestown, PA
Blog: Cliotech
Professional Wiki: Engaging Digital Natives
Social Networks: LinkedIn / Facebook
Class Wiki: Online Connections
Twitter: cliotech
Skype: cliotech
GTalk: cliotech [at] gmail.com (please send Google Docs invites to this address as well)
E-Mail: cliotech [at] gmail.com / jdorman [at] cbsd.org
click here to learn more about Jennifer.


Judith Epcke

I Love My Job! Really!
District Technology Integration Specialist, Northbrook District 28, Northbook, IL
WIKIS: http://comic-life.wikispaces.com/
http://wurtzelwiki.wikispaces.com/ (created with students and in progress)
BLOG: (haven't been able to sustain this, but hope to get into it)
EMAIL: jepcke [at] northbrook28.net
I Love My Job! Really!
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Melissa Fedigan

Location: Punxsutawney, PA
Position: Classrooms for the Future Technology coach
Site: http://punxsyhs.punxsy.k12.pa.us/FEDIGAN/Welcome.html
Wiki: http://punxsyhs.punxsy.k12.pa.us/FEDIGAN/Welcome.html

Skype: punxsy.melissa
click here to learn more about Melissa.

Tim Forest

School: A.B. Day School, Philadelphia School District
Position: Middle Years Science teacher
Wiki: foster-209-abday.wikispaces.com
Email: tmfoster [at] philasd.org
Skype: foster3232
About Me: New father, new to this wikistuff
click here to learn more about Tim.

Theresa Farrell

external image pafarrells-lg.jpg School: Warren County School District http://www.wcsdpa.org/warren-elementary.cfm
Classroom webpage http://www.wcsdpa.org/webpages/tfarrell/
Wiki: http://theresafarrell.wikispaces.com
Email: theresa.farrell [at] wcsdpa.org
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Alexandra Fletcher

002_24_2.JPGEnglish/Language Arts teacher at Mayfair High School, a suburban high school in a small district within Los Angeles county, independent of the Los Angeles Unified School District. I teach AP English Language and Composition; College Prep English for Juniors; Expository Reading and Writing for Seniors; I am the varsity golf coach for both girls and boys.
My aspiration: to be a 21st century teacher.
Blog: The Energy to Teach; Writers Teaching Writing
Current projects: I will improve my practice as a classroom teacher; l will learn Understanding by Design more thoroughly; I just started a Masters of Library and Information Science degree through San Jose State University, an online Masters program; I will figure out how to break 90 on the golf course on a regular basis. I've done it once.
email: afletcher [at] busd.k12.ca.us
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Peggy George

Location: Phoenix AZ
Position: Retired elementary principal and university teacher education instructor
Site: http://www.pgeorge.net
Blog: http://www.pgeorge.net
Wiki: http://aztea.wikispaces.com/Web 2.0 Resources and Tutorials
Email: pgeorge [at] mac.com
Skype: pgeorge1
Twitter: pgeorge
SecondLife: Greatnews Anatine
click here to learn more about Peggy.

Jime Grabowski

[[image:%2F9hAAAAGXRFWHRTb2Z0d2FyZQBBZG9iZSBJbWFnZVJlYWR5ccllPAAAAXJJREFUeNqkU01LAlEUPfOhM6SOjJSBIK6yVgUtWgouWgcJLYN%2BQX8j2vUDWrcJWiZFCkH7domCmZJ9YqmjzpfP3jyYYUSU0AOXe9%2FlnXvPfdzH7Z0%2FgELEfLAdYhGLgCoojuaEw%2FWkn32aMLUaum8FRBK7CIaSMxsfx4PM824iYHdRyWdBGieoXGcQIH3IPD%2FVXHiRVr%2FEiipiPb2B5aiAXv0KYYGbai68EUjvBbIkgZAhJFnCiJ4V30U%2FBO0dUBPjCmKRJHRdpwUI9QPElCSokEkzWghVC5MjbKUP0PrR8Vyr4relY3MtRwkcQrRbxOqwWCEGuPItONucHGF1KYaj%2FTvcXBwilzlFXI6C2AZeS3nqTYhSmLYTQPQ2eDE4XmBEZVsfJagQkLJTUCyenp%2FQbzcZma2coXkk%2F8uwAsOhhWb5niXMQQffjUcM%2Bl%2F%2FWkRWQBAC2N7JsYTrZ4HzaeCcdVzkKzgKsov%2BRhbMq%2BBPgAEAjWu8sz8FVsoAAAAASUVORK5CYII%3D caption="View"]][[image:%2F9hAAAABGdBTUEAAK%2FINwWK6QAAABl0RVh0U29mdHdhcmUAQWRvYmUgSW1hZ2VSZWFkeXHJZTwAAAKySURBVDjLpVNfSFNRGP%2Bde%2B%2B2a66Fm3PNdKArUnCaiSijPzCR6qGg3i2itygQetDHXiIf6qWaYBA9%2BBL0EGhPlZUwQoQo1mpsAxss1Klzc3O72527t%2B9cUXor6MDvfBfu9%2Fu%2B3%2Fl95zBd1%2FE%2FS%2BLb1NTUvXK5HKhWq3W1Wo1VKhWToihmHjVNYxaLRbXb7a%2FHxsZGef7IyEgfhZ%2FT09ObLBgMHhJFMdfb2wuuhggGol%2Fe4urFY1CXnuHR%2Bw7YXJ2IxxPXstnsYyLbCFz6gOj1eiNdXV12l8uFVCqF1dVVbGxsoNnTgY%2Bf1xErnERP32kwxrCysnJZEASLLMuQJInl8%2FkzEnU9arPZEIlE0NTUBJ%2FPBzoK6ChwOp2IRqMIhUJwOBwIBAJIp9PI5XJGTiwWOy7xxLW1NTQ2NqJa78GDOQXFHQaN9FmYCWdb2mEvFEh%2BHFwlJyYSCbjdbuOoAt%2BKxSJaW1sx%2B01FRRcgmwhmATXBhPlf9QYxk8kYZFVVQQbvq5R4AXLbwHbNTEQRkkAOkUWMNlU3gyZkgJN5Hv%2Fm0VDAq%2BxV5UvXtV0yFREIosBQKpWMnD8V7BXYV0COwqzXYUeTIfAJ6bsqzFCwtbUFq4chXJpDqW4bB%2FryWM8uGQXE7u7uu1ar1XDW46xHWjGjysTdW6YpOKJ%2BR2L5A9r9NpzqH8BQ%2F3lU5QxSahjZ3DYk3p134ONxZLMYaGszzOFyC%2BR%2BOByG5NvEiQ4%2FmVpDj3sY7368xKDPj2R8FhJ1Hk0mk%2FdJjqWhoYEtLi4yXoDL45EM0w97a8zErLjQecNQdmfoKU1skkya4Ub%2F%2FTH5b7coVy6dk3fodowPP8fEm%2BuQRQtevJopC%2F%2Fy4jRde7gQ%2FkSGSkZnM5MQ%2BjrPfwXZvz7nwVvNExRuEg4SCoTJhSfL478BoeOJpjqa%2BZsAAAAASUVORK5CYII%3D 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external image 2771577909_84c630d6a2.jpgLocation: Susquehanna Community Jr./Sr. High School Northeast Pennsylvania
Position: 7-12 Art Educator
Site: www.Artroom.Jgrabowski.com
Blog: www.Nightlanding.com
Wiki: www.jgrabowski.wikispaces.com
Email: jag [at] jgrabowski.com
About: PLUS :: Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer
click here to learn more about Jime.


Kirsten Haugen


Location: Eugene, Oregon
Position: Independent Instructor / Consultant for educational and assistive technology / Project Coordinator
Wiki: haugen.wikispaces.com
Site: www.kirstenhaugen.com, edisonstudentpublishers.edublogs.org, worldforumfoundation.org
Email: haugen.ka [at] gmail.com
About: My favorite part of my job is creating and teaching kids' classes and camps.
Learn more about Kirsten.

Angela Homan

Location: Central Pennsylvania
Position: 6th Grade Teacher/ Elementary Technology Coach
Site: http://www.pennsvalley.org/
Email: ahoman [at] pennsvalley.org
Skype: angela.homan
Twitter: ahoman6
About: Was selected as a Keystone Technology Integrator in 2007
click here to learn more about Angela.

Kristin Hokanson

KH.jpgUpper Merion Area School District, King of Prussia, PA
WIKI: http://theconnectedclassroom.wikispaces.com My Wikispaces Profile
WEBSITE: http://theconnectedclassroom.org
BLOG: http://khokanson.blogspot.com
TWITTER: khokanson
SKYPE: kristinhokanson
EMAIL kristin.hokanson [at] gmail.com
click here to learn more about Kristin.

Donovan Heath

Pictures_from_Vancouver_BC_Canada_193.jpgStudent In High School
Wikis: http://webtuturials.wikispaces.com/ http://illnessesanimalsplants.wikispaces.com/ http://sealwyf.wikispaces.com/ http://writingspace.wikispaces.com/ Wiki Profile
Email: Email -- No spam please
Picture: Are you asking who took such a lovely picture and where it was taken? I took the picture, and the location is in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
That's about all that's needed -- T_T

Jason Heiser

jheiser.jpgSchool: Selinsgrove High School, Selinsgrove PA
Webpage: My Homepage
Skype Name:jasont.heiser
Twitter: jtheiser
Email: jheiser [at] seal-pa.org
Diigo: jheiser
click here to learn more about Jason.



Blog: indigo196.wordpress.com
Email: indigo196[at]rochester[dot]rr[dot]com
Twitter: indigo196



Terry King

external image TK-CTN-150x150.jpg----
Location: Shekou, Mainland China Next Fall: KAUST, Saudi Arabia Home Forever: Topsham, Vermont USA
Position: Retired Engineer, Broadcast Journalist Photographer http://terryking.us/photoalbum/main.php Teaching Photography,Journalism, robotics
Site: http://terryking.us
Wiki: Many...
Email: terry [at] terryking.us
Skype: terryking228
About: Terry King has designed radio stations, recording studios, broadcast equipment, intelligent machines and special computer languages for IBM, and has worked as a broadcast journalist covering elections, fires, riots and Woodstock. More recently he lived for 3 years in North Africa. He is now 'retired' and teaching electronics, robotics, photography and journalism to young people in Shekou, China, near Hong Kong. Next year he will be at KAUST - a new University in the Middle East near Jedda.

Adam Kieffer

Location: St. Paul, MN
Position: Tech Coordinator Distance Learning Coordinator ABE Teacher
Site: Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning http://hubbs.spps.org/
Email: adam.kieffer [at] spps.org
About: I want to learn all I can about web 2.0, online and distance learning and how they can benefit adult basic education and English langauge learners and be seamlessly integrated into classroom content.
click here to learn more about Adam.

Aram Kabodian

aram.jpg7th Grade English Teacher at MacDonald Middle School in East Lansing, MI, USA
Class Website
Pageflake: Kabodianpalooza
Class Wiki, and Red Cedar Writing Project wiki
School email: kabodian_aa [at] elps.k12.mi.us
Skype: aram.kabodian
Personal Blog: Mr. Kabodian's Blog
click here to learn more about Aram.

Dianne Krause

----Technology Integrdianne.jpgation Specialist, CFF Coach Wissahickon School Distict, Ambler, PA Wiki: http://diannekrause.wikispaces.com Blog: http://diannekrause.edublogs.org Teacher Website: http://www.medievia.com/mmekrause Twitter: diannekrause Skype: dianne.krause Google: diannekrause [at] gmail.com Email: dkrause [at] wsd.k12.pa.us click here to learn more about Dianne.===

Diane Kasaczun

Me_May_2006.jpgSalisbury Township School District, Allentown, Pa
WORK EMAIL:dkasaczun [at] stsd.org
HOME EMAIL: PolliwogPro [at] aol.com
TWITTER: dkasaczun
SKYPE: dianekasaczun
click here to learn more about Diane.

Michelle Krill

Photo_15.jpg Technology Coach, Hanover, PA
Wiki: http://reportingback.wikispaces.com
Blog: http://mkrill.edublogs.org
School Website: http://swsd.k12.pa.us/~michelle_krill
Email: mmkrill[at]gmail[dot]com
iChat: mmkrill
Twitter/Skype: mmkrill
Second Life: Chell Vita
click here to learn more about Michelle.

Maria Knee

listen.jpgKindergarten Teacher at Deerfield Community School Deerfield NH
Classroom Blog The KinderKids
Other Blog Wandering in Wonderland
Twitter/Pownce: MariaK
AIM: agearrings
Skype: agearrings
email: mknee [at] sau53.org
click here to learn more about Maria.


David Ligon

Link to Image: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=13138&l=b12b8eacd1&id=100000094454799
Location: Gilbert, Arizona
Position: Educational Technology Director
Site: http://www.husd.org/
Email: david.a.ligon [at] gmail.com
Twitter: EdTechLeader
About: I am researching social media technologies from an educational leadership perspective in order to leverage academic achievement for 21st Century learners in the K-12 environment.

Louis Loeffler

external image 67722969_88ab56138e.jpg?v=0Location: Milwaukee, WI
Position: Assistant Prof/Dept Chair of Instructional Technology
Site: School of Education/College of Education and Leadership Cardinal Stritch University
Blog: http://tech-lou-ology.blogspot.com
Email: ljloeffler [at] stritch.edu
Skype: ljl.stritch
About: Dad, husband, son, singer, reader, professor
click here to learn more about Louis.

Michael Leonard

MikeL.jpgCoordinator of Instructional Technology
Chartiers Valley School District, Pittsburgh, PA

EMAIL mleonard [at] cvsd.net
click here to learn more about Michael.

Brandon Lutz

DSC08511.JPGInstructional Technology Teacher, Technology Teacher Leader at Henry H. Houston Elementary in the School District of Philadelphia
Website: Mrlutz.com
Wiki: Edtechnability, Top50, Morpheus Fortuna
Blog: http://blutz01.blogspot.com/, Morpheus Blog
E-mail: blutz01 [at] gmail.com
Skype/Twitter: blutz01
click here to learn more about Brandon.

Marvin Lee

Location: Oklahoma City
Position: Gifted and Talented Grades 2-5
School: Harvest Hills Elementary School
Email: mlee [at] putnamcityschools.org
Skype: mleepeak
Note: We are available for Skype pretty much anytime and would be interested in all kind of projects.
click here to learn more about Marvin.


Sam Martin

external image upperleftsampic.jpg
Location: Schaumburg, Illinois USA
Position: Adjunct Faculty at Harper College, Palatine, IL; and instructor at the Chgo Assn of Realtors.
Site: www.samthetutor.com
Email: sam [at] samthetutor.com
Skype: sam.martin847
Twitter: Sam Martin
Second Life: Haviland Uriza
About: I am in the PhD (Educational Technology) program at Walden U; teach real estate appraisal for Harper College; and am interested in distance education and ed tech, and the teaching of ethics and values online.
click here to learn more about Sam.

Bob Mudford

Location: Spain
Position: Own teaching business.
Site: teflpedia.com
Email: mudford [at] euskalnet.net
About Me: I run my own small teaching business in Spain and I'm slowly creating teflpedia.
click here to learn more about Bob.

BJ Madewell

Location: Andover, KANSAS
Position: Adjunct Instructor (5th year) at Butler Community College -- Teaching face to face remedial Language Arts to freshmen. Also teach a face to face class "Introduction to Exceptional Learners
Site: www.addchoices.com
Email: bjmadewell (at) gmail.com
About you: Retired SPED teacher (33 years K-6) Bachelors from San Diego State Masters from Wichita State University Extremely interested in ADD/ADHD
click here to learn more about BJ.

Kathy Matis

Location: Susquehanna Community Schools
Position: CFF Coach Technology Integration Specialist
Email: kmmatis [at] scschools.org
Skype: kathymatis2
SecondLife: AbbyMaebe Kassner
click here to learn more about Kathy.

Anne Mirtschin

annemirtschin.jpgHawkesdale P12 College, Victoria, Australia
Wiki: http://www.ejourneys.wikispaces.com
Twitter: murcha
Skype: anne.mirtschin
email:mirtschin [at] gmail.com
click here to learn more about Anne.

Tom McGee

tompiceduwiki.jpgLower Merion School District, Ardmore, Pa
BLOG http://forwardslant.blogspot.com
WiKi http://tommcgee.wikispaces.com
TWITTER: mcgeet
EMAIL mcgeet [at] lmsd.org
SKYPE: tommcgee

click here to learn more about Tom.

Matt Montagne

Photo_8.jpgUniversity School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
WIKI http://mstechnology.wikispaces.com
WEBSITE http://middle.usmk12.org/faculty/montagne
BLOG http://middleschoolblog.blogspot.com/
TWITTER mjmontagne
SKYPE mjmonty
EMAIL mmontagne [at] usmk12.org
click here to learn more about Matt.

Jo McLeay

3165695894_6d1dd44fbd_m.jpgICT Pedagogy Coordinator at Balcombe Grammar School, Mount Martha, Australia
Website: http://theopenclassroom.blogspot.com
Twitter: jomcleay
Skype: jomcleay
Email: jbmcleay [at] gmail.com
click here to learn more about Jo.

Fred Mindlin

Owner, TechieTeacher.com
Digital Storytelling Evangelist
Blog: http://fmindlin.wordpress.com/
Email: fmindlin_at_techieteacher.com
iChat: fmindlin [at] mac.com
click here to learn more about Fred.

Dana Mascioli

DrmPic2.jpgWyoming Valley West School District
Wyoming Valley West High School, Plymouth, PA
School Website: http://www.wvwsd.org under reconstruction
WIKI: http://wvwcff.wikispaces.com
SKYPE: dana.mascioli
EMAIL: dmascioli [at] wvwsd.org
click here to learn more about Dana.

Robin Martin

me3.jpgUnionville-Chadds Ford School District
Charles F. Patton Middle School, Kennett Square, PA
School Website: http://cfpms.ucfsd.org
WIKI: TechSeminar for Kids,DailyConnections[[dailyconnections:home|]]
BLOG: Spotlight, Parents Want To Know
EMAIL: rmartin [at] ucfsd.org
click here to learn more about Robin.

Tracey McGrath

tmcgrath.jpgK-8 Instructional Tech Teacher, Abigail Vare School, Philadelphia SD
Blog: http://mcgrathcafe.blogspot.com
Wiki: http://cybercafe.wikispaces.com
Skype: tamcgrath
Twitter: tmcgrath
Email: techteacher2007 [at] gmail.com
click here to learn more about Tracey.


Eric Norberg

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Position: CFF Coach & AP US History Teacher at Laurel High School, New Castle, PA
Email: mrnorberg [at] gmail.com
Skype: eric.norberg
click here to learn more about Eric.

Telannia Norfar

100_0015_2.JPGAlgebra I Instructor (9th Grade), Oklahoma City, OK
Wiki: pending
Class Website: http://www.norfarcorner.us
School Website: http://www.okcps.org/hs/Northwest_Classen/
Email: thnorfar [at] okcps.org (work) and norfars [at] mac.com (personal)
iChat: norfars
Twitter/Skype: thnorfar
Second Life: Bettylynn Nitely
click here to learn more about Telannia.

Linda Nitsche

Owen J. Roberts School District, Pottstown, PA
WIKI: http://nitschenotes.wikispaces.com
BLOG: http://nitschenotes.blogspot.com
TWITTER: lnitsche
SKYPE: lvnitsche
EMAIL: lvnitsche [at] gmail.com
click here to learn more about Linda.


Yaron Overeem

MVC-054S.JPGWhangarei South ICT Profesional Develpment Cluster, New Zealand.
Website: www.maungatapere.school.nz/cluster
Wiki: http://ictpdcluster.wikispaces.com
Blog: http://ictpdcluster.blogspot.com
Skype: yovereem
email: ict [at] maungatapere.school.nz
click here to learn more about Yaron.

Kate Olson

mrsolson.jpgSchool District of La Crosse, La Crosse, WI
Blog: www.mrsolson.edublogs.org (class blog)
www.googtweetblog.edublogs.org (professional blog)
Email: kolson29 [at] gmail.com
Twitter: kolson29
click here to learn more about Kate.


Mark J. Perlman

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Position: Educational Technologist
Blog: blog.discoveryeducation.com/mjperlman
Wiki: etspeaksout.wikispaces.com
Emails: mperlman [at] philasd.org or mperlman [at] mac.com
Skype: markjperlman
Twitter: mperlman
SecondLife: Saffabutt Vultee
About You: I don't have to lead, but I have to participate. I like to help.
click here to learn more about Mark.

Jamie Plaster

external image ProfPicSm3.jpg
Location: Erie, PA
Position: Instructional Technologist/Designer, Gannon University Adjunct Professor at Gannon Unversity
Email: plaster002 [at] gannon.edu
Skype: jamieplaster
Twitter: jamieplaster
About: Mom to two wonderful girls, wife to devoted husband. Employed at a small, Catholic school. Enjoys audio books, effectively integrating technology, being a "best practices" model for our faculty. Addicted to Twitter!
Misc: LinkedIn, Facebook
click here to learn more about Jamie.

Elisha Pospisil

Tech Supervisor at Forest Area School District
Website: forestareaschools.org
Email: elisha.pospisil [at] gmail.com
Skype: MuzicMontage
Twitter: ElishaPospisil
click here to learn more about Elisha.

Rosie Parmigiani

IMG_0574.jpgPrincipal, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Snyder-Girotti School, Bristol, PA
Keystone Integrator(Matriarch), Discovery STAR Educator, Adjunct Professor Holy Family University
Blog: Pending
Wiki: Pending
Skype: Rosie Parmigiani
Webpage: rosieparmigiani.tripod.com
Twitter: rosieparm
Email: rparmigi [at] comcast.net
click here to learn more about Rosie.



Donna Roman

external image GW151H151
Location: Freedom High School Bethlehem, PA
Position: Social Studies Department Chairperson
Website: http://www-fhs.beth.k12.pa.us/
Wiki: http://romanswikispace.wetpaint.com/
Email: droman [at] bethsd.org
click here to learn more about Donna.

Beth Ritter-Guth

ritterguthcolorheadshot.jpgInstructor of English, Communication, and Women's Studies at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, PA.
Adjunct Professor of English and Communication at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA.
Founder and CEO, Literature Alive! in Second Life
Wikis: The College English Wiki, Literature Alive!, Free Educational Tools
Blogs: Beth's Second Life and LCCC College English
Email: BethRitterGuth [at] gmail.com or bguth [at] lccc.edu
Vitae: http://collegeenglish.wikispaces.com/vitae
Skype/AIM/GChat/Yahoo: BethRitterGuth Second Life: Desideria Stockton
click here to learn more about Beth.

María Jesús Rodríguez Arenas

MiFoto07.jpgLocation: Cartagena (Spain)
Position: English Teacher at a K-Primary School.
Site: http://proyectofantastic.googlepages.com
Wikis: http://letsticenglish.wikispaces.com : http://fantastic.wikispaces.com : http://hispalegere.wikispaces.com : http://rededuca.wikispaces.com : http://insectos.wikispaces.com
Email: mjesusra [at] gmail.com
Blog: http://cvitae-mjra.blogspot.com/
click here to learn more about Maria.


Nancy Stanich

Location: Elizabeth Forward School District
Position: 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Skype: nancy_stanich
click here to learn more about Nancy

Kathe Santillo

external image photo2005wiki.jpg Location: Butler Area School District, Butler, PA
Position: Instructional Technology Coach, Butler Area Intermediate and Senior High Schools; Former High School Librarian
Site: http://www.butlershslibrary.com
Wiki: http://butlertech.wikispaces.com
Email: kathe_santillo [at] butler.k12.pa.us
About: State-Level Pennsylvania Keystone Technology Integrator, 2005; STAR Educator, Discovery Educators' Network
click here to learn more about Kathe

Terry Smith

external image 8461840.bin?width=183&height=183&crop=1%3A1Locations: Quincy, Illinois and Hannibal, Missouri
Position: Elementary classroom teacher; University Edtech instructor at Antioch University in LA, and Concordia University in Portland, OR. Doctoral candidate in educational technology at Pepperdine University.
Site: www.smithclass.org
Email: tsmith [at] hannibal.k12.mo.us
Skype: smithclass
Twitter: smithtk
SecondLife: Tsmith Thursday
click here to learn more about Terry.

Tammy Stephens

StephensT.jpgOwner of The Stephens Group LLC, Educational Technology Consulting Firm, Long Beach, CA
Blog: http://www.thestephensgroup.blogspot.com/
Wiki: http://stephensgroup.wikispaces.com/
Email: tstephens [at] thestephensgroup.com
Skype: tstephens12
click here to learn more about Tammy.

Christopher Stengel

crstengel.jpgTechnology Director for the Mt. Lebanon School District, Mt. Lebanon, PA
Wiki: FarFromBloggin.wikispaces.com
Blog: blog.mtlsd.org/FarFromBloggin
Web: www.mtlsd.org/technology
Email: cstengel [at] mtlsd.net
Twitter: CRStengel
Skype: CRStengel
Social Networks: LinkedIn | Facebook
click here to learn more about Christopher.

Nan Sisemore

Nanmugsm.jpgInstructional Technology Specialist, Manatee County, Florida
One of my websitesReading Resources for classroom teachers
email sisemorn [at] manateeschools.net
click here to learn more about Nan.

Dom Salvucci

Sal_Professional.JPGHigh School Social Studies Teacher/Technology Integration Specialist/Former CFF Coach
New Brighton Area School District New Brighton, PA
HOMEPAGE: http://websites.pdesas.org/dsalvucci/default.aspx
WIKIS: http://mrsal.wikispaces.com/
PODCAST: http://mrsal.podbean.com/
LINKEDIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dasalvucci
BLOG: http://mrsal.edublogs.org/
WORK EMAIL: dsalvucci [at] nbsd.k12.pa.us
HOME EMAIL: mrdsal [at] gmail.com
SKYPE: dominic.a.salvucci
-------------------------------------------------------------Twitter: Dsalvucci
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Lori Sheldon

Photo_130.jpg Wayne Highlands School District, Damascus School, Honesdale High School
WIKIs http://thirddimension.wikispaces.com/
BLOG http://mrssheldon.blogspot.com
TWITTER/PLURK lorisheldon
EMAIL lorips@mac.com
SECOND LIFE Brenna Timeless
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Scott Snyder

Snyder3.jpgEnglish Teacher, Cedar Cliff High School, Camp Hill, PA
Blog: Integrating Tech
Wiki: Integrating Tech
Email: ssnyder [at] wssd.k12.pa.us
Skype/Twitter: Thespian70
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Toni Theisen

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Position: French teacher
Site: Loveland High School
Wiki: lhsfrenchclasses.wikispaces.com
Email: theisent [at] gmail.com
About: World Languages District Curriculum Representative, 2009 ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language)National Teacher of the Year
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Rick Tanski

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Position: Administrator on Special Assignment
Site: Academy District 20
Blog: http://ricktanski.wordpress.com/
Twitter: RickTanski
SecondLife: Rick21st Telling
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Satish Talim

external image satish3.jpg Location: Pune, India
Position: Owner RubyLearning Group
Site: http://rubylearning.org/
Blog: http://rubylearning.com/blog/
Email: satish.talim [at] gmail.com
Twitter: indianguru
About: Software Consultant and Ruby Programming Language Teacher
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Warren Utsler NBCT

Location: Green Forest School District, NW Arkansas
Position: Certified Smart Notebook Trainer, Digital Artist, Art Specialist and Technology Chairperson
Wikis: http://arkartlessons.wikispaces.com/ http://fadingimagefadingliteracy.wikispaces.com/ https://student2student.wikispaces.com/
Email: wutsler [at] gf.k12.ar.us
About: 2010 AAIM Technology Leader of the Year, Smartboard and Smart Notebook Certified trainer


Stephen C. Veliz

001.jpg Middle School (6th & 7th) Geography, Leon County, Florida
Wiki: http://swiftcreekgeography.wikispaces.com/
Teacher Website: http://www.inetteacher.com/teacher/103703
Blog: http://stephensteachingworld.blogspot.com/
email: stephenveliz [at] gmail.com &
velizs [at] swiftcreek.leon.k12.fl.us
Twitter: stephenveliz
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Suzie Vesper

413266350_34f3289297_o.jpgJob title: ICT facilitator for nine primary schools
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Webpage: suzieslinks.com
Wiki: educationalsoftware.wikispaces.com
Blog: petoneforeshore.blogspot.com
Skype name: suzcorey
Twitter: suziea
Email: suzievesper [at] gmail.com
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Jennifer Ward

external image IMG_0269.JPG Location: Havertown, Pennsylvania
Position: High school English teacher and CFF technology coach
Site: http://www.msward.org
Blog: http://etceteraward.blogspot.com
Wiki: http://wardsworld.pbworks.com
Email: jennifer_A_ward [at] hotmail.com
Skype: teacherward
Twitter: jenniferward
About: Picture the quirky, eccentric English teacher - you know the one who would jump up and down excitedly talking about the psychoanalytic interpretations of a text or gesticulate wildly about the political poetry of apartheid South Africa - and you've got Ms. Ward. High school English teacher and CFF coach.
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Melanie Wiscount

external image 2922693210_257c20d3f1.jpg?v=0
Location: Bloomsburg University Bloomsburg, PA
Position: Instructor
Email: wiscount [at] bloomu.edu
Skype: melanie.wiscount
Twitter: mwiscount
SecondLife: Grace Wozniak
About You: Presently enrolled in Wilkes University Educational Technology doctoral program
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Paula White

Location: Albemarle County, Virginia
Position: Gifted Resource Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator
Site: www.k12albemarle.org/crozet then click on gifted services
Blog: http://tchrflect.blogspot.com/
Wiki: [[crozet%205thgrade/home|crozet 5thgrade.wikispaces.com]]
Email: pwhite (at) k12albemarle.org
SecondLife: paulawhite
About: I am a 30+ veteran teacher who has taught all grades K-5 and been a technology integrationist. I started laptop labs in two schools in our county and recently discovered wikispaces with my fifth graders
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James Walker

Location: West Springfield, MA
Position: Instructional Technology Specialist, Special Ed Teacher, Lower Pioneer Valley Ed Collab
Site: www.lpvec.org(school), www.learning2oh.com (personal)
Blog: windhorse.edublogs.org
Wiki: nothing-wrong-here.wikispaces.com
Twitter: teacherjim
Facebook: James Walker
Skype: jimw60
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