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*John Faig's Blog

  • click here to access John Faig's Educational Blog.


* Mr.Hand'sEnglishBlog
These blogs were created by Jim Hand for his 8th grade students.

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* Educational Origami - This is about ICT and education. Thoughts & reflections on integrating ICT in the classroom and across the school. This is a feed from the main blog

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* The Connected Classroom

* The Connected Classroom Blog: This blog created by a Pennsylvania Educator and Classrooms for the Future coach was developed to capture the thoughts of an emerging edu-blogger committed to creating constructivist learning experiences for students. Please visit The Connected Classroom Wiki for more resources and information.

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* Forward Slant

A look at classroom education in the 21st century. This blog is a conversation starter trying to captivate the thoughts of other educators out in the blog world.

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* Cliotech

This blog is written by Jennifer Dorman, a staff development facilitator and business information technology teacher in the Central Bucks School District.

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* Integrating Technology

This blog was created by Lori Sheldon, a third grade teacher in the Wayne Highlands School District, Honesdale, PA and it highlights how technology is being woven in to her classroom.

*Third Dimension

This is a blog authored by Lori Sheldon's third graders in Damascus, PA. It is used as a way to reflect on our learning and to share with our families.


* The KinderKids Classroom

This is the classroom blog for Maria Knee and her kindergarten students from Deerfield NH. There is a main classroom blog and each child has their own personal blog that links off the main page.


* Sparks of Hope

This blog is written by Chris Champion - and is (usually) about current trends in Ed Tech.

* Homeschool Online

This blog is, as the name says, a discussion about how homeschooling-enabled by the internet. It is sponsored by Time4Learning.

* Web Home School

Three homeschool mothers trade experiences on their homeschooling experiences with online curriculum.

* Mr. Darnell's English Class

An example of extending the classroom beyond the walls

* Dr. Reich's Chemistry Blog

Dr. Reich uses this blog to ask his chemistry students additional questions about work that they are doing, reasons of why they do that work in the first place, and help implement general life skills practice into his curriculum.

* Mrs. McGrath's Cyber Cafe

This is a new blog created by Tracey McGrath. The purpose is to build a community of teachers and students to share ideas about integrating technology in the curriculum.

* The Stephens Group Blog

The purpose of this blog is to connect with the Ed Tech Community to share ideas about the ever emerging field of educational technology.

* CoSN Emerging Technology Blog

Members of the Consortium for School Networking discuss, debate, and exchange ideas to accelerate the use of emerging technology in education.

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