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*Aliquippa School District

Aliquippa will be utilizing this wiki to promote 21 Century Learning and Literacy.

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* South Side Area School

South Side Area School District is utilizing this year as an alternative to a Learning Management System. South Side will be using podcasting to distribute online content (video, audio and .PDF files).

* Damascus School

Wayne Highlands School District, northeast PA
Lori Sheldon - 3rd grade teacher
I am trying out the wiki format to keep track of and to share all of the awesome technology integration ideas that have crossed my path.
Third Dimension is our class wiki.

* Online Connections

Central Bucks School District, Doylestown, PA
Jennifer Dorman - 9th grade Business and Information Technology Teacher and Staff Developer
This wiki is going to be used as a class collaboration forum.

* Dorman-Data-Digest

Central Bucks School District, Doylestown, PA
Jennifer Dorman - 9th grade Business and Information Technology Teacher and Staff Developer (formerly a social studies teacher)
This wiki was used as a class collaboration forum.

* FoundersTech

McKeesport Area School District, McKeesport, PA
This wikis is a collaborative professional resource for the teachers of Founders' Hall Middle School in McKeesport, PA. The wikis is currently being developed by the Founders' Tech Coaches providing resources and best practice methods for integrating technology into the classroom.


* WHS Wiki,

Wissahickon High School, Ambler, PA
Wikispace for WIssahickon High School. This wiki is very new and the teachers in the district are just learning about wikis. The intention is for the wiki to include various resources and links for the teachers of WHS.

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* Freedom High School

This is a site created by first year Classrooms for the Future Freedom Area School District, Freedom, PA

* Wallingford Elementary School

Wallingford, PA
Dave Mendell's 4th graders are involved in a wiki project where they utilize a teacher designed wiki as well as manage their own wikispaces to share their own writing, projects and favorite web resources.

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* EducationalWikis

This link has an amazing amount of classroom wikis from around the world.

Classroom Project Wiki's

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Campaign '08 - campaign wiki created by students.

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* HorizonProject

This is a collaborative global project between classrooms in diverse geographical locations. See the Project Review wiki of the award winning Flat Classroom Project for more information and a takeaway handout about both projects.


* Edison Animators
We use this wiki to organize our occasional stop motion animation sessions for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students.

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* Edison Student Publishers
This wiki provides ideas, resources and tips for students in our afterschool publishing program for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students.

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* Flat Classroom Project

The following link is to a TeacherTube description of the Flat Classroom Project. TeacherTube location

* Learning Latin America
A 9th grade Humanities class developed this wiki to "teach" the Latin America Unit to their peers.

* Women's Suffrage

* Women's Suffrage WebQuest wiki
Jennifer Dorman

* 9th Grade Assessment wiki

Jennifer Dorman (this was created as a resource for a district-level transitional assessment)

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* Math Connections

Linda Nitsche, Vincent School, Spring City, PA
A collaborative global project to help students explore mathematics in their lives and understand the universality of mathematics.

* Learning Hub

Linda Nitsche, Vincent School, Spring City, PA
A wiki designed share classroom projects and to engage parents in exploring Web2.0 tools with their children.

* 8th Grade Science and Math

Cathy Laguna, Milford M.S., Quakertown,PA
I am working towards Web 2.0 Science and Math classes this year. The wiki will be a place to keep track of what we are doing in class and also a way to showcase the work of student teams. We will be documenting our learning, sharing ideas, and learning how to make a difference by joining the discussion in class, at home, and in our communities.

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* Regions de la France

Dianne Krause, Wissahickon High School, Ambler, PA
This wiki will serve as the basis for a project on the regions of France. The students will be creating the wiki with information about each region that they have gathered through research. The students will also collaborate as regional teams to create their wikispace page.

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* Cornellchem wiki

Tavis Bogue, Cornell School District, Coraopolis, Pa
This wiki is a resource for my high school science students.

* Dr. Jesse Reich's Chemistry

Dr. Jesse Reich, Natick High School, Natick, MA.
This wiki serves as the class wiki for Dr. Reich's chemistry sections. Students regularly add to the work in the form of online projects ie atomic history time line project and PowerPoint presentations.

* Mr. Salvucci's class wiki site.

A resource site for Mr. Salvucci's economics and civics classes at New Brighton Area High School.

* Music Montage

This wiki will serve as a workspace for Mrs. Pospisil's music classes. The students will be posting class projects, recordings, and videos.

Instructor: Jean-Claude Bradley. Links to free online textbooks, recorded lectures and quizzes on Second Life.

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* More Example Class Wikis - has put together this large collection of classroom wiki examples.

Professional Educator Wikis

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* Educational Origami - Educational Origami is a blog, and a wiki, about the integration of ICT into the classroom, this is one of the largest challenges that I feel we as teachers face.
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* Whangarei South ICT PD Cluster of schools undergoing professional development in the use of ICT in the classroom.


* CFF Math - A group of Classrooms for the Future Math teachers have built this learning network.

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* CFF Social Studies - A group of Classrooms for the Future Social Studies teachers have built this learning network.


* CFF English - A group of Classrooms for the Future English teachers have built this learning network.


* CFF Science - A group of Classrooms for the Future Science teachers have built this learning network.

* CFF Foreign Language - A group of Classrooms for the Future Foreign Language teachers have built this learning network.

* CFF Student - A group of Classrooms for the Future Coaches have organized this space for student use.

* CFF Tech Ed - A group of Classrooms for the Future Technology Education teachers have built this learning network.

* CFF Coach Wiki - This is an example of what a Classrooms for the Future Coach is using to collaborate with staff.

* Collaboration Day Example - Example of how a wiki was used to organize a collaboration day.

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* Tom McGee
For educators! This is my collection of tools, resources, professional learning, and 21st century learning.

* Cool Mac Tips

This wiki was written as part of a school's introduction to Macintosh.

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* Grazing for Digital Natives

Jennifer Dorman
This wiki is designed as a professional development resource for teachers, administrators, and staff developers.

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* Holicong Middle School

Jennifer Dorman
This wiki is a collaborate resource for the teachers at Holicong Middle School, Central Bucks School District.

* Best Practices/Emerging Tech

Jennifer Dorman
This wiki is a collaboration resource for teachers participating in a district strategic planning committee.

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* Haugen's Tech Tips Wiki

Kirsten Haugen
A companion to Haugen's Tech Tips Page, this wiki invites collaboration on topics including assistive technology, web 2.0 tools, blogging, podcasting, wikis, and more.

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* The Connected Classroom

Kristin Hokanson (PA)

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* NitscheNotes

Linda Nitsche (PA)
This wiki is a collaborative resource for educators interested in exploring the world beyond their classroom walls.

* KPruitt

Ken Pruitt (PA)

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* Soleil 2.0

Dianne Krause
This wiki is a professional and personal space. It includes resources for educators and information about Dianne.

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* Click! Create! Communicate!

A wiki on digital photography in the classroom, supporting a hands-on workshop of the same name. A companion to the digital photography pages at Haugen's Tech Tips Page (

* Theresa Farrell

I am hoping that others will find some ways to integrate technology on my wiki and why I think technology is an phenomenal tool.


This is a large scale free project to help better inform educators about Web 2.0 tools.

Principals of Future
This wiki is for school principals who wish to stay current on technology in education. There are thousands of resources out there for principals, but collecting and organizing them is a monstrous task. By joining this wiki you can contribute by adding resources under the following categories: Visionary, Change Agent, Educational Leader, Modeler and Manager.

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